Преподаватель языковой школы

Micah Zing

Hello, my name is Micah. I am a native English speaker and tutor from Ghana. I have acquired a degree in Development Management and English as well as undertaking other specialised refresher courses in teaching English as a language.

I am an English tutor who has vast experience (4-5 years of experience) in teaching and working with children. Throughout this teaching job, I learned to understand pupils or learners and their respective needs as far as learning English is concerned. I also learned to built or improved my teaching skills. My teaching carrier in Moscow began with Hola Speaking Centre. I was also recruited by Eurocamp (Euro club) in 2022 as an English tutor. I later worked with Q007 school in Moscow as an English teacher too. Currently, I am an English teacher with Britanica and I am pleased and proud to have joined the team in Britanica.

Based on my experience and passion for teaching, my classes are always interactive, interesting and creative. I am enthusiastic and passionate about helping to improve and expand my students fluency and horizon in the English language as well as help them build their vocabularies.

I look forward to connecting with you for us to learn English together.

Yours sincerely,


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