Преподаватель школы английского языка "Британика"

Nel Melinda
Hello, my name is Melinda. I am a native English speaker from South Africa. I have completed my TEFL course as well as additional specialised EFL courses in teaching English to young learners, teaching English online one-on-one and teaching business English. I am proud to say that “Britanica” school is where my teaching career began.

I have always had a love for languages, and my first taste of international travel in 2015 sparked my fervent interest in other cultures.

Learning a new language is challenging, and helping students to realise their dream of learning English is enormously rewarding.

My classes are lively and creative, and I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher. I target each student’s immediate language needs and expand their fluency with vocabulary and structure.

I’m looking forward to connecting with and helping you learn English.

Yours faithfully, Melinda.
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